Welcome to our family packages

We would love to share the cattle drive experience with your family and have put together a package that we hope you will find suitable.  In the event you are unable to find a package to suit your circumstance, please give us a call and we do everything we can to find a suitable arrangement for you.

The cost is $200 per person per day.  Please add an extra $50 per person per day if you would like to add catering to your package.  Meals included are breakfast, lunch and dinner with morning tea each riding day.

The criteria and eligibility for the family package is as follows:

The family will provide their own horses for riding.

Provision of horse feed and the feeding of the horses will be the responsibility of the owner of the horses.

Horses must be yarded each night, preferably with electric fencing, or alternatively panels to retain all horses. Fencing will be erected as per instructions (location)  from the Boss Drover or event organiser at the camp site.

The health and wellbeing of the horses will be at the responsibility and cost of the owner.

Horse owners and families must provide all riding equipment for each horse and rider combination.  It is recommended that horses are shod for the duration of the package.

In the event that a horse requires veterinary attention, this will be at the expense of the horse owner.

A horse health declaration will be provided to you at the commencement of your trip which must be completed and handed to the event manager  on arrival

It is a condition and requirement that helmets be worn by all minors (under 18) whilst  on horseback.  This requirement is reflective in Pony Club Australia and Horse Safety Australia which govern the Horse Industry in Australia

Whilst on the ride any medical conditions/accidents must be reported to the event organiser.

Movement of vehicles/horse floats etc from camp to camp will be the responsibility of the owners of the vehicles.  We will be able to provide a lift to the previous camp to collect your vehicles.

The Track

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